The Task Server – how can it help you?


The Task Server is the workhorse behind many of Proclaim’s more advanced features.

At its heart, the Task Server is a program to automate regular tasks, carrying out administrative and time-consuming, but nevertheless, vital, chores.
To highlight its value, we placed it in a real-world scenario below, at a full-service practice.

Mark is a Personal Injury solicitor, specialising in Road Traffic Accidents. His firm uses the Proclaim Practice Management Software system to organise cases, and the firm also has Eclipse’s ‘Task Server.’ This means that once he has submitted an RTA claim to the Portal, he can rely upon the Task Server to check for updates and alert him accordingly. He regularly has the Task Server export a number of cases, so he can permit external businesses to view them on the client’s behalf. Mark has also set it so that his client receives SMS messages to inform them if (and when) the defendant accepts responsibility – a personal touch they appreciate.

Client Care
Mark’s colleague, Linda, works in the Conveyancing team. She particularly likes the contact element of the Task Server – not just text messages, but she can have emails and faxes automatically sent. Local Authority Search finished? Great – she has a personal email sent to the client. Purchase completion? Easy – Linda has set Proclaim up so that a congratulatory SMS message is received. The Task Server even runs her a routine which automatically delivers Stamp Duty Land Tax submissions to the Land Registry Gateway.

Shahid is one of the firm’s managing partners. His favourite feature is Proclaim’s reporting capabilities – he couples this with the Task Server to automate them. All the collection and presentation of data he needs to see, without the input. Once a week, every week, it emails the firm’s business partners copies of the practice’s operational reports, whilst emailing himself breakdowns of departmental Key Performance Indicators. He even has his personal email address receive copies out-of-hours, during weekends and holidays, so he can access the data, should he have to, on his smartphone or home PC.

Within the firm’s Marketing team, Claire finds the Task Server to be invaluable – the firm’s website is a first-point-of-contact for prospective clients who complete relevant enquiry forms. Staff used to have to work through these manually, keying data into Proclaim. Now, the Task Server automatically pulls through the entered data straight from the website into Proclaim, allowing both legal and non-legal staff to contact the prospective client easily. Claire has witnessed first-hand how this has saved valuable time for the team, who have channelled it into more well-driven marketing campaigns, embellishing the firm’s already-enviable local reputation.

Richard, the IT Director, joined the firm recently. The success the firm enjoys by utilising Proclaim has allowed him to update and expand the IT infrastructure, benefitting both staff and clients. He has seen what a difference the software makes and his favourite element is the Task Server; quietly working in the background, it streamlines internal and external communication, client-contact and reports on data – all without the click of a button!