Costs Drafting Software

Proclaim Costs Drafting Software is a fully comprehensive solution that assists with a number of aspects of bill creation – including layout, calculation and the production of a red line bill. Thanks to this latest ability, Proclaim enables a faster turnaround of cases and an increase in throughput; therefore ensuring tight deadlines are met quickly and efficiently.

Automatic time recording

Proclaim automatically records time as you progress through cases, ensuring efficiency and accuracy when billing. The software also includes the facility to bill clients depending upon their individual requirements – for example, hourly, by deadline reached etc.

Court Forms production

Enter information once only and create completed Court Forms at the click of a button. Fast and effortless production means documentation (including forms) can be tailored quickly and efficiently, creating contextually sensitive, ‘intelligent’ documents and forms, ensuring correspondence is relevant and personalised.

Integration with solicitors

Proclaim is designed to link seamlessly with outside parties – for example, business partners, law firms, shareholders etc. – enabling smooth connections and ensuring cost-effective working practices. New or amended case information can be received electronically from your business partners or solicitors, from 1 case to 10,000. These can then be automatically imported into Proclaim – in the right format and attached to the relevant cases – all at the click of a button.

Task reminders

Proclaim’s diary facility enables automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked. You can also schedule tasks to automatically occur at a given point in the future – for example, to send out a chaser letter in one week.


Bills can be created – and within the chosen format – at the click of a button. Similarly, bundles can be produced to include chronology, parts and schedules, itemised entries per fee earner, narrative and any other documents relevant to the case.

Multiple bill creation

It’s possible for users to create a number of costs drafting bills – again, at the click of a button. Additionally, users can work on numerous bills – either on one case, or multiple cases – simultaneously. Proclaim also enables interim billing based on various criteria.