Employment Case Management Software

Improving both the speed and efficiency with which you handle your cases, Proclaim Employment Case Management Software greatly improves not only the quality of service your clients receive, but also your bottom line.  Proclaim caters for both Claimants and Respondents, and all claim and funding types.

Entitlement calculations

Proclaim can calculate all entitlement calculations at the click of a button – saving your fee earners time and administrative duties, and enabling them to provide a high standard of client service.

Claimant and Respondent

Due to Proclaim’s inherent flexibility, you can cater for both Claimants and Respondents from within a single desktop application, ensuring a quick and efficient process at all times.

Financial Analysis

Proclaim records time on every action administered by your fee earners, storing a complete record of costs for each case. Calculations of losses (i.e. salary, benefits, holidays etc.) and benefits are accurately logged to provide a clear picture of every case, and disbursements are also calculated to ensure an accurate breakdown of all transactions. This ensures bills are easily produced with 100% accuracy at the conclusion of a case.

Document bundling

Document bundling is a standard Proclaim feature, enabling your fee earners to select and amalgamate any number of case documents into one single paginated PDF pack. Templates for bundles can be set as a memo, letter, fax or email. Once compiled, the bundle is automatically added to the case history, ready to be sent as an attachment to an email, or printed off.

Workflow reminders

Task lists are available to enable you to post reminder memos on individual cases, automatically updating depending on various factors such as which actions have been taken on that day, or new client information received. Provisions are made for all limitation dates to ensure you are always aware of the timescale attached for each case, and on-screen prompts result in both faster, simpler case progression and the elimination of operational errors. Additionally, users can be assigned a supervisor who will be alerted to any overdue tasks and who will have the ability to post, action, reschedule and transfer tasks to other users.

Text messaging

Text messaging directly to clients’ mobile phones is available from the Proclaim desktop at the click of a button, ensuring they are kept up to date with developments and reminding them of any important appointments.

Management Reports

A range of standard reports is included, with the option to define your own, based upon any items of data within the database. For example, you could run a report on all cases referred by a particular source in a single month, listed by overall value or geographical region; all limitation dates approaching within the next week; hearing dates presented by month and relating to individual fee earners, etc.