Proclaim Practice Management & Legal Accounts Software

The Proclaim Practice Management Software system integrates the market-leading Proclaim Case Management system with Proclaim Accounts, to form a practice-wide software solution.

Our Proclaim software solution is Endorsed by the Law Society and is used by over 25,000 professionals in a vast range of sectors, incorporating legal, Alternative Business Structures, commercial, Government and charitable.

Did you know…?  Half of all new Proclaim clients take the full Proclaim Practice Management solution!

Legal Accounting Software

Good financial management is crucial when it comes to the smooth functioning of a law firm. Legal accounting software makes the whole process quick and simple – making the most of your valuable time.

From postings to auditing, Proclaim practice management software cover it all. Our practice management software is completely flexible, which allow for updates and changes to reflect any developments in the needs of the practice.

Core system elements include…

Making Tax Digital

The new Proclaim Making Tax Digital toolset has been officially recognised by HMRC as being Making Tax Digital compliant. Businesses will be mandated to use the Making Tax Digital system from April 2019 to meet VAT obligations. Easily remain compliant with Proclaim legal accounting software.


Proclaim practice management software stores your client data safely and accurately. The software provides you with the option to control user access to various accounts information subject to individual security permissions.

Centralised Information

Proclaim legal practice management software keeps your legal team seamlessly connected. Every piece of documentation and data is collected. ensuring all case information is centralised and available to whomever has the individual security permissions.


As well as catering for the full range of posting types (including regular postings for standing orders, direct debits, accruals, prepayments etc), erroneous postings can be reversed, and ‘quick postings’ can be made from within individual matter enquiry screens.   In addition, ‘slip’ postings can be created within the Proclaim Case Management System and posted in Accounts, meaning less work for cashiers.

Also, two financial periods  can be open  at  once  to allow staff to work on, for example, month-end and the next financial period concurrently.

  • Office / Client Ledger
  • Configurable display, with the option to include colour-coding (e.g. red coding for a client account being less than zero)
  • Display of underlying double entry
  • Full billing details relating to profit costs, VAT and disbursements
  • Allocation of monies received against bills and disbursements
  • Ability to insert narrative to explain entries
  • Post journals between office / client ledgers
  • Post bills & credit notes

Purchase Ledger

Proclaim’s purchase ledger provides control all of your suppliers’ financial transactions and allows you to record accounts, credit limits, settlements, etc. The legal accounting software enables you to track what you owe, to whom, and when the payment is due, and in addition allows analysis of your purchases, split into multiple nominal analysis accounts.

Nominal Ledger

Proclaim’s accounting practice management software’s nominal ledger can be used in “single-office, single-department” or “multi-office, multi-department” structures. Full period and budgeted management accounts are also provided for all structures. Proclaim solicitors accounting software provides for ordinary journals, as well as the facility to post out of period / year.

Deposit Account Ledger

Proclaim’s deposit account ledger provides control of client deposit accounts, with posting of interest.

Reports & Management Information

Proclaim practice management software comprehensive set of standard reports is included and can be tailored or added to. Management information ranges from fee earner analysis, to monthly budgets, to practice-wide P&L accounts. Regular reports can be saved and run whenever required. All reports can be exported into Excel or Adobe.


Proclaim’s feature-rich legal accounting software allows the billing of WIP and disbursements, as well as full freedom in terms of fee earner allocation. It’s possible for users to create a number of costs drafting bills – again, at the click of a button. Additionally, users can work on numerous bills – either on one case, or multiple cases – simultaneously. Proclaim practice management software also enables interim billing based on various criteria.


A disbursement purchase ledger ensures control of supplier and expert disbursements.   A full disbursement reporting system keeps track of disbursements including those that are incurred but not yet paid out of office, credited, billed, written off or anticipated.

Cash, Bank and Cheques

Proclaim legal accounting software supports numerous bank/cash accounts with full automatic reconciliation, in addition to links for CHAPS payments.   Cheque printing is catered for, with a feature allowing you to design cheques on-screen in keeping with your firm’s branding.

VAT and Audit Trail

Proclaim legal practice management provides automatic printing of VAT return forms, with a full audit trail. Proclaim’s integrated history screen tracks every single in/out transaction taken on a file, including memos, documents, telephone calls etc. The system also has full audit trails for each transaction, incorporating ‘drill-down’ to reveal underlying details such as VAT and double entry. Expect reduced audit fees and painless VAT inspections!