FileView Interactive

Eclipse Legal Systens Fileview display Proclaim information to clients and customers

“It’s a very efficient way of keeping people informed without overloading them, and it does cut down on the number of ‘update’ calls and questions we receive.   The overall sense of reassurance that it gives to clients is invaluable.”

Jeff Winn (Director), Winn Solicitors

Support your clients around the clock… without increasing staff numbers, or the hours you work.

Eclipse’s ‘FileView Interactive’ tool enables you to securely display Proclaim case information (as much or as little as you like) on your firm’s website.   Be it case histories or just simple case milestone steps – the choice is yours.

FileView Interactive also allows your clients to update their own information, view documentation and run selected search queries.

FileView – how can it help you?

LIVE information

Data published via FileView is live — your clients have the ability to view up-to-the-minute case progress… not just a daily log.

Keep your clients and referrers informed

  • Case data of your choice is displayed to private clients (single cases) or referrers (multiple cases), accessible via a secure password system
  • Your clients are able to send messages back to you, via the FileView interface, and you can make Proclaim fields available for editing / confirmation (e.g. name and address details)
  • Integrated search capability means that you can provide pre-defined search queries to enable your clients to filter and streamline the data they see
  • A document viewer enables your clients to (if you wish) seamlessly view Word, .pdf, Excel and image (.tif) files in their native format