Eclipse is proud to boast an incredibly varied client base. This breadth of experience and knowledge enables us to provide solutions and service that make a very real difference to our clients.

Case studies can be found here, but the following is just a small selection of the very kind things our clients say about us:

Aravind Sreevalsalan (Director), Legend Solicitors

“Eclipse is the clear market-leader when it comes to legal software and its Proclaim system stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of functionality and adaptability.”

Michael Vincent (Partner), MJV & Co Solicitors

“We needed our core practice management software system to be as efficient as possible and it was clear from the outset that Eclipse offered the best solution, enabling us to build upon our existing reputation of excellence.”

Jonathan Fletcher (Managing Director), PG Legal

“We see implementing Proclaim as a vital part of our future strategy to drive the practice forward whilst staying true to our core value of providing an excellent, comfortable and transparent customer experience.”

Patrick Flaherty (Managing Director), Red Rose Law

“Eclipse’s Proclaim solution ticked all the boxes for what a firm of our size needs – a simple pricing structure and inbuilt workflows with task management features that will enable us to easily manage increasing volumes whilst still providing an excellent service to clients.”

Jamie Pearson (IT Manager), Clapham and Collinge

“Our selection of the Proclaim Practice Management System to replace an incumbent solution was key to driving the business forward”

Scott Garson (Practice Manager), Cartmell Shepherd

“Proclaim’s flexibility to integrate with third parties like the LRBG impressed as did the inbuilt GDPR Individual Rights workflow which will aid compliance along with the CRIF ID/AML and Lawyer Checker integrations.”

Jon Carroll (Managing Director), Integral Law

“Proclaim has proven to be the standout Practice Management solution on the market, and we’re extremely pleased to be experiencing the benefits of the system within our business since its implementation.”

Steve Dicks (Director), Forever Legal

“Proclaim has an excellent reputation in the marketplace, I see it as the system of choice for new start-ups like us, Proclaim will provide an excellent platform for Forever Legal’s continued growth and success.”

Debbie Murphy (Director), St. Helens Law

“Proclaim is brilliant, it’s just how you want it to be.”

Wayne Rajbansie (Director of Public Prosecutions), Government of the British Virgin Islands

“Proclaim is the clear market-leader and is now a fundamental part of our organisation. Essentially, the system is crucial to us in driving our cases to an effective outcome.”