Video Testimonials

Eclipse is very proud to be the Market Leading provider of Case Management, Practice Management, Matter Management and Process Management Software. Over 25,000 professionals use our Proclaim solution every day .

Discover why Proclaim is so popular – watch our video testimonials below.

JMK Solicitors

“Proclaim has enabled us to achieve our goal of improving the lives of clients.”

How the Proclaim legal software system provides solid foundations for start-up firms

See how the Proclaim Case and Practice Management Software system removes uncertainty and provides a future-proof and scalable platform for new law firms.

How law firms can scale up and diversify, using the Proclaim legal software solution

See how the Proclaim legal software system is used to grow legal businesses, increase profitability, and open doors for new work streams.

Michael Lewin Solicitors

“Proclaim is 10 times better than what we had before”

Express Solicitors

“The Cost Benefit Analysis on Proclaim makes sense all day, everyday”

Pudsey Legal

“Proclaim is easily configured to exactly how we want it”

Goldsmith Williams

“We couldn’t deal with the volume of work or provide the level of service that we do without Proclaim”

Winn Solicitors

“We chose Proclaim for it’s flexibility to allow us to develop it ourselves”

Hilary Meredith Solicitors

“Proclaim is by far the easiest system to use”

Advantage Property Lawyers

“Integration with our introducers saves significant time and increases efficiencies”