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Eclipse is the UK’s leading Legal Case Management Software provider. Over 25,000 professionals rely on our Legal Software to manage the full lifecycle of their cases, of any type and any volume.

Our Proclaim legal software is fully scalable from 1 to 1,000 users. So, no matter what your requirement or size of your business, we can tailor a case management software solution to 100% fit your needs.


Proclaim provides a wealth of features to help manage, control and scale your business.

  • Endorsed by the Law Society
  • Unrivalled Integration Capabilities
  • Unlimited Flexibility
  • Powerful Data Storage
  • Fast Document Production
  • Searchable Document Management
  • Integrated CRM
  • Automated Task Management
  • Integrated Costs Budgeting
  • Intelligent Workflows

Proclaim’s Case Management Solution isn’t just a law firm software. We are trusted by a vast range of sectors from legal firms to charitable businesses to Government.

Andrew Langford Auxillis

"We estimate that the system has reduced our 'cost per case' by approximately 20%"

Auxillis - Andrew Langford, CIO


Our clients' favourite features

We asked our clients what they liked - this is what they told us!

Growing with you

Whether you are a boutique operation of 2 people, or a household name of 2,000, Proclaim scales with you.

Share and integrate

Need to share data with other businesses, or collaborate with stakeholders? No problem.

Client service

Proclaim enabled you to create personalised and automated client communications - easily and with no fuss.

Time costing

All documentation and preparation work processed is automatically time-costed at the selected rate.

Over 25,000 professionals rely on our Proclaim® Case Management, Practice Management and Matter Management solutions. Two organisation join Eclipse every week.

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