A great reception for Proclaim v3

Case management software provider, Eclipse Legal Systems, has reported strong feedback from its userbase during rollout of the latest incarnation – v3 – of its Proclaim system.

Proclaim v3 is being rolled out to over 6,000 individuals, free of charge under Eclipse’s standard maintenance contracts. The system represents the next generation of the firm’s established Proclaim offering, and research during the implementation process has revealed several key areas that are proving to be of huge value to law firms:

CRM Functionality… becoming an increasingly important area for law firms, client and marketing databases are now accepted as mainstream business tools. Proclaim v3 integrates all client – and prospective client – data to enable a ‘one-view’ approach for partners and marketing teams. Bespoke campaign screens can be quickly and simply created using the system’s ‘Screen Designer’ feature, enabling practices to monitor and report upon specific campaigns in line with their ongoing growth and objectives.

Eclipse’s aim is for CRM data to be built into day-to-day law firm operations, and not confined to a separate system that is ignored by those staff who often hold the most key information!

Process Automation… Proclaim v3 takes the software’s existing process management and automation capabilities several steps further. Using enhanced back-office tools and business logic, it is now possible to streamline file management to a previously unattainable degree.

Eclipse has already created routines for several clients that enable them to run far greater volumes of cases by stripping out all unnecessary ‘value draining’ steps. For example, systems that automatically incept cases from details entered into online forms, distribute initial documentation, diarise all future steps, and even make case decisions based upon critical dates and ‘forks in the road’ are steadily growing in popularity.

These routines make are particularly valuable in volume, time sensitive, low-margin areas such as remortgage and injury / financial claims.

Screen Flexibility: the Fee Earner Dashboard… advanced screen design options enable users of Proclaim v3 to build and tailor their own front-end views to an unlimited degree. In-house administrators are equipped with tools that enable them to choose which fields are visible / mandatory for completion (and how these are arranged on screen), create ‘workflow buttons’ to automate document generation and diarising processes, etc. Bespoke KPI screens can also be created containing live statistical and target information to provide authorised staff with instant MI and workload monitoring.

Eclipse’s Sales Director, Russell Thomson, comments on the rollout of Proclaim v3:

“With this latest incarnation of Proclaim, we’re giving our clients (both existing and prospective) more choice when it comes to managing their firms and implementing core IT strategies.

“Proclaim v3 enables a ‘One System’ approach, by integrating all case progression functions, from front-office process management through to back-office financials. Yet it also offers a ‘Best of Breed’ approach for those wishing to maintain or take on board third-party products – our work on integration interfaces and ‘Open Systems’ partnerships are still core Eclipse strategies.

“It’s all about choice, and with the range of larger practices we’re taking on board (with more to be announced shortly), this strategy is proving to be immensely successful.”

In addition, Eclipse is already working on several key updates for its next interim Proclaim release. Of particular note is a “Global Keyword Search” function which will enable true, full-database keyword searching and interrogating across all matter documentation (both historical and precedent).