Are online applications, smartphone and tablet apps the future?

In terms of customer experience – and how that customer’s journey with their lawyer unfolds – then yes an accessible tablet / smartphone solution is vital.

BUT we would raise a warning here for anyone who thinks a simple “app” is the way forward.

In managing the customer experience and journey, you need much more than what the world generally understands by the term “app”. I know of lots of firms who have had an app created for them that, for example, will provide their customers with the ability to submit a photo of an accident. Ok great, but that is one tiny part of the whole journey. What happens next?

You need to ensure that the WHOLE journey is managed consistently and in tune with your back-office IT systems. A simple app will not do that for you.

You need a way for your customer to stay in touch and in the know, throughout the entire process. To provide that level of involvement you need a customer journey tool.

Eclipse’s new TouchPoint solution provides that – the ability for your customers to stay in touch and informed, 24/7, all using an iPad on their couch (if that’s their preference).

The journey needs so much more than just a quaint sales tool to provide customers with a quick “oh that’s nice”. Proper tablet or smartphone access to the legal process is a way in which you can provide a fantastic level of differentiation over your competitors.

And a great way to cement a convenient and transparent relationship with your customers (and the people they will refer to you in future, seeing as their experience was so great)!