Arken Professional integration – Greater productivity and faster turnaround

Greater fee earner productivity

Mark has just started working for a law firm in London. This firm is a little better than his last place – particularly with regards to the technology it uses to maximise efficiencies for its fee earners.

Specialising in will creation, Mark is particularly excited to see how he will be able to deliver a better and faster service to his clients. Wills are an essential part of people’s lives, and he wants to ensure his clients have their needs taken care of.

In his last job, Mark would manually create wills and then they would be stored and managed in an old, disorganised system where things would often get lost, or be found to have errors within them. But this new law firm he works at utilises Proclaim, the market-leading case and practice management system.

And this version of Proclaim boasts integration with Arken Professional, which specialises in the creation of wills. It’s exactly what he needs.

Eliminate re-keying of data

Arken Professional is an online will creator – with interactive drafting functionality. Fee earners, like Mark, login and are guided step by step through the creation of a will for their client. It’s incredibly easy to use, following the correct formatting procedures, and is much quicker than doing it manually.

Client profiles can be created where all the documents relevant to that particular client can be saved. And because Arken Professional is accessed through Proclaim, all the files are saved into the relevant case history there too.

Mark doesn’t have to worry about security, as a direct connection is made from his Proclaim desktop to Arken. As there is no need to re-key data for a second time, there’s a reduced risk of mistakes being made, and there being any inconsistencies between different documents.

Faster turnaround for clients

The solution enables Mark to create wills much more quickly and accurately than he could at his previous firm, delighting clients with faster service times.

The easy-to-use Proclaim interface and secure connection with Arken Professional increases Mark’s productivity and allows him to take on more clients and generate more revenue for his new law firm.