Bespoke Case Management – how to get the perfect solution

A good case management system will work around you. A bad case management system will expect you to adapt, change your preferred way of working, and make sacrifices in order to use it. Which would you prefer?

Technology is at a point where rigid software is no longer acceptable. Two people using the same piece of software are going to use it in slightly different ways – thousands of people using the same software are going to find even more things to do with it – so these options need to be available.

No two case management systems have to be the same, even if produced by the same supplier. Of course they can be. There are thousands of law firms in the UK, and there will be a lot of overlap in the way they work.

But the ability to have a truly bespoke system will prove to be massively beneficial to those who do require something more than an out of the box solution.

There are a variety of different ways in which you can modify and customise your case management solution.


Tailored workflows based on the areas of law you work within are the natural first step towards creating a bespoke system.

Out of the box solutions are available, where fee earners can complete common, generic tasks not exclusive to a particular area of law. But individual workflows allow you to work more efficiently in the unique tasks found in certain specialist fields such as conveyancing, probate, criminal and family law.

Each workflow has its own tailored screens to guide fee earners. And you can implement as many as you like. Pick and choose based on your specialist areas of law.

For example, if you obtain the probate workflow with Proclaim, you can download the latest IHT forms directly from our Client Area into your Proclaim environment – for you to complete and store in the appropriate case file.


Case Management developers will always try to build new features they think will benefit their users. But sometimes, it’s easier and more cost effective for everyone if they take something that has already been built, and integrate it into their software.

So instead of something being created from scratch, they can take an already industry-leading product and offer it to their user through their Case Management solution.

Providers will often have a variety of integrations their users can choose to implement. Proclaim has almost a hundred lots to choose from. For example, Legal Bricks – a conveyancing search supplier that enables searches to be conducted directly from within Proclaim.

Again, users can pick and choose which integrations they would like, creating an even more bespoke solution.

Additional Products

You’ve got your Case Management set up, with suitable workflows and a couple of useful integrations that will allow you to add real value to your services. But it can get even better – with the addition of other products that plug into your main system.

These products can do any number of things. At Eclipse, we have a range of products that work seamlessly with our Proclaim Case Management system. Below is a brief overview of some of the things we can offer:

TouchPoint+ – An online portal for a fee earner’s, clients and referrers to view all their case information in a secure, interactive and branded environment.

SecureDocs – An online document delivery and acceptance tool – firms can securely provide clients with documents via an online portal.

FileView – Enables you to securely display Proclaim case information on your firm’s website, for your clients to see once they have logged in.

CaseViewer – Allows you to export case histories from Proclaim, for use in a non-Proclaim Windows environment.

With Proclaim you can choose your own personalised combination of workflows, integrations and additional products. So you can use it in a way that best suits you and your firm.

And with it, you’ll be better placed to deliver an exceptional service to your clients.