Better connect with clients

Alice is a fee earner who works for a medium-size law firm in London. She specialises in conveyancing, and spends a lot of time communicating with people looking to buy a new home. This can be done over the phone, or occasionally face to face, but most of the time happens via email.

Email is convenient and accurately records exactly what two parties have discussed with each other. Alice however didn’t always remember to record her correspondence with clients into the correct case history. Now though, due to improved email functionality within Proclaim – the process of recording emails in the correct case history has got even easier.

Automatically record emails

Proclaim’s email functionality now allows for emails to be automatically imported into a case history or task list. The IT department at Alice’s firm has configured the Proclaim TaskServer to give all emails a unique tag in the subject line. This tag ensures the email gets saved into the right case history. Emails within Outlook are flagged once they have been automatically stored in Proclaim – making it easy for Alice to see at a glance which emails have already been recorded.

Typically, Alice would take the time to drag and drop each email she sent or received, every time she communicated with one of her clients. Now that it’s done automatically, she can better utilise that time and deliver an even better service to clients.

HTML editor

Another new feature of Proclaim’s email functionality is the text editor that can be used when creating emails, which includes the ability to implement HTML code for a more consistent corporate theme for all email correspondence that leave the law firm.

Alice spent a bit of the additional time she now has curating a new email template. It looks a lot more professional than the plain text her emails used to have. It’s formatted in a more easy-to-read manner, features her law firm’s logo, and has a little colour to make it a bit easier on the eye.