Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) selects Eclipse…!

Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) – the first organisation to announce its intentions for the “Clementi” era of legal services – has selected Eclipse Legal Systems as its core software provider.

The Co-operative Group recently announced the launch of its dedicated legal services division, CLS, as it moves to take advantage of the forthcoming liberalisation in the UK legal market.

Proposals put in place by Sir David Clementi to reform the legal market will allow firms such as financial services organisations and supermarkets to offer legal services previously only available from law firms. CLS will provide a full suite of services, with accident management support, including a legal advice line, initially being offered to Co-operative Group members and customers. Stand-alone legal expenses insurance, conveyancing, will writing and probate services will then be added to the product line-up and made available to the entire consumer market.

Headed by Eddie Ryan, CLS is the first organisation of its kind in the UK and aims to have a headcount of around 150 staff.

The decision to implement Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management software comes after an in-depth investigation into legal software vendors, which culminated in a shortlist of the market’s leading case management providers. Eclipse’s Proclaim system is heavily used amongst PI, accident management, conveyancing and remortgage organisations, and it is this experience that helped CLS in making its final decision.

Andrew Ridland, Senior Project Manager for CLS, comments on the firm’s selection:

“In entering this market, it was vital for us to select the correct software solution. Our requirements were primarily based upon functionality, scalability, ease of use and speed of implementation. It was vital to implement a system quickly to allow Co-operative Legal Services to hit the ground running and begin processing cases immediately.

“We’ve not had the option of spending months customising a solution to our requirements, but Eclipse’s system matched most of our needs, and where some customisation was required it took only a matter of weeks. Eclipse’s track record of fast implementations and its consistent rating as the leader for customer satisfaction in its sector made the firm a natural choice for us.

“We are delighted that with Eclipse’s software we have a system in place that will help us to bring our values of openness, honesty and trust into legal services.”

Proclaim will be utilised across the whole CLS product portfolio, maintaining client data and providing in-depth workflows to enable fast case progression with maximum levels of resilience and accuracy. CLS intends to make full use of Proclaim’s toolkits which will enable in-house administrators to manage and enhance workflow steps ‘on the fly’ to tailor and streamline the firm’s services as and when client demand dictates. Functionalities such as SMS text messaging and online case tracking will prove vital in keeping consumer clients up-to-date and providing an overall transparency of service.

Eclipse Marketing Manager, Darren Gower, comments on the signing:

“Needless to say, we are delighted to welcome on board such a high-profile and forward-thinking organisation as CLS. The liberalisation of the legal services marketplace opens up a vast range of options for both consumers and legal service providers. Those firms acting quickly and offering fast and efficient services stand to achieve huge levels of success. By selecting our Proclaim case management solution, CLS has marked out its intentions very clearly, and we look forward to exciting times ahead!”