Creating ‘automated engagement’

Tracy BlencoweCharlotte Parkinson of Modern Law Magazine, spoke to Tracy Blencowe (pictured), Business Solutions Director at Eclipse, about how  IT solutions can best help customers engage with the claims process.

Service provision is changing – end client and business partners are demanding increasingly more engagement at lower costs.

So how can IT help?

Technology can put the client at the centre and personal the experience – creating ‘automated engagement’ regardless of the client’s location. There are now applications available that will enable you to deliver that level of engagement – tightly integrated with your back-office Case Management software system.

Let’s look at an example scenario:

Meet Ian – he’s been involved in a car accident and is looking for a firm to take on his injury case. One firm he visits online is utilising a system that holds Ian’s hand throughout the entire process. So as soon as Ian has completed the initial online form, his data is captured in the firm’s Case Management system to trigger next steps, etc. Even the ‘signup’ process can be done via secure online methods.

Personalisation of the online system means that Ian can create a personalised map and snapshot of the accident site. He can also access plain-English explanations of the process, and useful FAQs. Ian can upload images of the accident scene, and / or any injuries, which are incepted into his file within the Case Management system.

Ian stays informed and in control throughout as he has access to ongoing claim milestones and ‘next steps’. He can check on his file and its documentation any time and from anywhere. It’s a transparent view which gives Ian the full picture and a greater understanding of the injury claims process.

Through marketing features in the online system, Ian also receives tailored communications, news feeds, blogs and even special offers that are relevant to him. He is free to just pull information, so he won’t get irritated by blanket ‘junk mailers’. A more positive relationship can develop, and once the claim is finalised and compensation received, Ian can then take part in a satisfaction survey – the results of which are automatically captured in the Case Management solution, triggering relevant tasks inside the firm and providing critical client data.

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