Enhanced flexibility with Proclaim Go – work anywhere

Jane is a solicitor who works at a law firm in Birmingham. Today, she’s out of the office visiting a client in the centre of London. This used to mean that Jane would have to print key case information in advance or take along a laptop to access Proclaim – not ideal when traveling on several trains.

Thankfully Jane can utilise Proclaim Go – a mobile and tablet friendly application powered by Proclaim, designed especially for fee earners like her, who are often travelling or in client meetings with a need to access accurate live information on their cases and the ability to record events and update information on their cases, on the go.

On the way to the client, Jane gets up to speed with her client’s details through her smartphone – she simply presses the Proclaim Go shortcut icon and uses the favourite cases function to easily find her client’s case history – which includes documents and previous correspondence.

Mid-way through the meeting, which is going well, Jane and her client decide to take a break. Jane steps outside and receives a call on her phone from a different client, asking for some information on his case.

Normally, Jane would have to make a note of her client’s request and get back to them the following day when back in the office with access to Proclaim – if she remembered and the note wasn’t lost.

However, with Proclaim Go, Jane can provide excellent client care instantly all through her smartphone. Jane searches for her client’s case by name and retrieves the requested information for her client all whilst he’s on the phone. Once the call has ended, Jane records the time she spent on the call and the details discussed directly into the case history using Proclaim Go. If in a suitable location, Jane could even use her smartphone’s existing digital dictation functionality to record case notes with Proclaim Go.

Jane returns to her meeting knowing that everything is up to date. After the meeting, on the train journey home, Jane records her time and enters a memo updating the case history with the outcomes of the meeting. After updating the case, Jane views her scheduled tasks for the next day to ensure nothing is missed – all on Proclaim Go using her smartphone.

Because Proclaim Go is such a quick way of accessing key information, Jane knows she isn’t limited to using it when out on client calls. She could be in the office between meetings, working from home or in the back of a taxi and use it to see the details of a case without having to use the desktop version of Proclaim.