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Nesbit Law Group

Highlighting the access to justice ‘vacuum’ in complex fraud matters

The sharp fall in the amount of costs that Solicitors can recover for personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents continues to cause ripple effects for the industry.

Operating within the niche of road traffic claims where a Defendant has raised allegations of fraudulent activity, NLG have noted that many firms are now avoiding this area, creating a vacuum whereby claimants’ access to justice is severely limited.

As the ability to recover standard costs has been heavily restricted, so many solicitors have taken the time to undertake a costs benefit analysis, with the outcome being that the risks usually outweigh the potential benefits.

Running high numbers of road traffic work in which fraud has been alleged requires specialist business partners, specialist working knowledge, highly efficient case management protocols, and all this must be considered against a backdrop of low costs recovery.

NLG has used Proclaim for many years, and the system continues to provide a perfect platform to operate highly complex caseloads, both from a management perspective, and for the daily tasks being undertaken by fee-earners.

The ability to generate reports and data allows management level employees to continually check the performance of teams and fee-earners, whilst the ability to amend the case management system allows individuals to tailor the system for their own particular requirements.

NLG deals with vast numbers of complex claims in which fraud has been alleged, and Proclaim allows NLG to continue to operate efficiently and effectively in a niche area. More than £500,000.00 in costs has been passed back to other law firms that had decided to transfer their fraud alleged claims to NLG; those costs would otherwise have been written off, and the damages awarded to the Claimant’s would also have been unrecovered.

About Nesbit Law Group
NLG operates throughout the UK, maintaining a head office in North Manchester, and over the last 10 years has developed working methods which enable the firm to deal in this challenging area; considerable time, experience and risk is engaged in the forensic analysis of claims, employing specialist business partners, and niche legal experience.