Hosted Cloud Case Management Software

The UK’s leading Case Management Software provider, Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced a Cloud / Hosted option for firms wishing to implement its Proclaim system.

Proclaim has long been available as either a client-server or ‘thin’ (e.g. Terminal Services or Citrix) solution.   This latest delivery mechanism sees Proclaim become accessible in a cloud / hosted environment, complete with new pay-monthly pricing structure to maximise availability to all practices.

Eclipse’s ‘Proclaim Hosted‘ model makes the full range of Proclaim tools and functionalities available – the software delivered is identical to that used in a standard client-server environment.   Firms can choose to host data internally on their own server equipment, or can opt for Proclaim to host the information ‘off-site’.

Eclipse’s Chief Business Executive, Russell Thomson, comments:

“Vendors have seen a lot of stop / start in this area, with hosted solutions, ASP, and services of this ilk being taken up somewhat tentatively.   We have held fire in providing a Hosted option until both technological maturity and market needs are present together.   We have listened to existing and prospective clients, and are now able to provide a solution that maximises the inherent efficiencies of this model, whilst keeping costs at a practical level for all shapes and sizes of law firm.”