Increased demand for Case Management in readiness for "Tesco Law"…

Case Management software specialist, Eclipse Legal Systems, has reported sustained high demand for its Proclaim software in light of the impending legal market changes.

Eclipse has long advocated a requirement for “joined-up” IT solutions in the Clementi-era legal marketplace. The forthcoming liberalisation of the legal services industry will see previously-restricted companies being able to offer general retail legal services to the public – the “Tesco Law” model. An introduction of ‘Multi-Disciplinary Practices’ (MDPs), providing a range of professional services to consumers, will mean a much more competitive marketplace, with a need for existing practices to investigate their efficiencies and competitive footing. Eclipse Marketing Manager, Darren Gower, comments on the changes:

“With increasing freedom for new entrants, existing legal services firms will need to compete on a far more efficient and client-focused level. Underlying IT systems are critical in maintaining consistent and effective service levels, and case management software is the key for a vast range of business needs.
Although the changing market may be a little time away yet, we’re now feeling the first waves of a sea change where firms are proactively preparing themselves by investing in appropriate software. Implementing case management systems to drive up efficiencies and enable better integration with business partners will provide synergistic benefits and a better commercial edge amongst what will undoubtedly be stiff competition.”

Eclipse has agreed deals with over 20 firms in the past 3 months, covering a wide range of the marketplace and revealing a very real demand for long-term, future-proof IT solutions through the entire spectrum of legal services. These new Proclaim clients include:

Arc North-West (multi-office PI claims intermediary)

Beverley Davies Guthrie (high-profile licensed conveyancer)

Bulfin & Co (specialist employment law firm)

Chase Law (new startup providing high-street services)

Costs Certainty (new costs drafting organisation)

Elite Incident Management (established accident management firm)

S K Medical (expanding medical reporting agency)