Incredible insights with Proclaim BI – Know Your Data

Jack works for a relatively large law firm in Manchester. As a Team Leader, it’s his job to ensure each fee earner in the conveyancing department is working productively, in order to guarantee a high level of efficiency within his team.

It’s important that Jack is always able to see exactly how much work each member of his team has been assigned at any time. Where there are gaps in an individual’s schedule, he can allocate new business that firm has agreed to take on.

As the legal world is quite fast-moving, this can be difficult. But Jack uses Proclaim, and benefits from Proclaim BI – the new business intelligence dashboard that provides vast amounts of insight into key business information including fee earner productivity and the case work they have been doing.

This gives Jack an overview of how the team is performing in terms of efficiency. But in addition to that, it provides key insights into potential issues that could be preventing the team from maximising revenue.

For example, one of Jack’s team – Gary – has taken on lots of different conveyancing cases in the last month, but he hasn’t billed as much as you might expect. Jack looked into the data, and saw that most of these cases hadn’t actually progressed past the searches stage.

This identified a big problem for the team – its search provider was too slow and acting as a bottleneck for conveyancing cases. Jack decided to implement a new search provider, cases were able to move along much quicker, and the number of billings increased.

All because Jack was able to establish what the problem was through knowing his data.

Sophie is a fee earner who works in Jack’s team at a Manchester law firm. She works on conveyancing cases for a variety of different clients, helping people purchase or sell a property. Sophie, as well as the other fee earners, have a target for the number of billings they need to complete every month.

The end of the month is fast approaching, and Sophie is still a little way behind her target. Not too far, but she needs to work hard over the next week or so to get a couple of cases over the line and ensure her goals are met.

One thing she can do is utilise Proclaim BI to analyse the data behind her cases, and the work she has done so far this month.

Sophie does this, and specifically drills down into the details to see which cases of hers are closest to being completed, and which don’t really have a chance of closing before the end of the month. By knowing her data, Sophie knows which cases to prioritise.

She can also see the potential value of each case, and again is able to prioritise those that will help her achieve her targets for that month. Without this information, it would prove much more difficult to generate maximum revenue for her firm.