Know Your Client – enhanced Sanctions and PEP (Politically Exposed Person) screening

Introducing ‘Monitor’… providing you with an uncomplicated and cost-effective solution that will screen, monitor and alert you to potential risk against individuals where there may be Sanctions or Political Exposure.

Monitor enables you to:

  • Fulfil on-going global Sanctions and PEP screening requirements
  • Access a web-based application providing an intuitive suite for reviewing and actioning potential Sanctions and PEP alerts
  • Use sophisticated screening methods to ensure false positives are kept to a minimum
  • Scale usage up or down to meet your specific business needs, depending on risk appetite and budget

Monitor is provided by our friends at Capita Identity Solutions, and is available as a stand-alone browser-based tool to supplement your existing KYC (Know Your Client) processes.

For further information on Monitor, email Capita Identity Solutions at or call 0844 225 0055.