Land Registry Business Gateway, and more

Proclaim integration – Land Registry Business Gateway

The Land Registry has recently announced that it has dropped the proposed charge of £7,000 for conveyancers to utilise its Business Gateway.

This is fantastic news for the property sector, coming after much lobbying from various parties including Eclipse.

The turnaround will enable conveyancers to benefit from Business Gateway features without a prohibitive cost element.

We have requested formal specifications from the Land Registry to enable us to integrate Proclaim Conveyancing with the Gateway.   These have been promised for mid-September – we will keep you updated regarding progress.

Proclaim: Report on Title

Did you know that Proclaim Conveyancing contains an automated ‘Report on Title’ feature that enables you to rapidly provide the relevant information for your clients?

Report on Title is available at the click of a button, and can be streamlined into your workflow to make its creation as simple as possible.

Idris Mir, Senior Partner at Mir Solicitors LLP, began using the new Report on Title facility of Proclaim’s   Conveyancing Unit recently:

“The whole ethos of our service level is to reduce burdensome tasks whilst still providing perfect transparency and first class service for our clients.   Tools such as the Report on Title creator fit in perfectly with this ethos and enable us to provide a slick, accurate conveyancing service which is more cost effective to the firm, enabling us to proceed through the conveyancing transaction seamlessly and effortlessly.   A very well written programme that I wholeheartedly recommend.”