Manage your firm from the sofa – using TouchPoint+

Introducing TouchPoint+ by Eclipse

Service provision is changing – clients, staff and business partners are demanding more for less. They require more information, more quickly wherever they are.

Eclipse’s new TouchPoint+ system puts them at the centre, providing a truly personal ‘self-service’ experience. With a slick and accessible interface, personalised interactive tiles enable you to deliver bespoke real-time data, information and applications, via any device and any web browser.

Manage your firm from the sofa – using TouchPoint+

Let’s take a look at the TouchPoint+ journey from the point of view of “Helen” – a senior director at a large organisation. Helen has just been given TouchPoint+ access and is instantly attracted by the accessible interface, loving the idea of the ‘Office hub’ – turns out it’s not just a gimmick.

File tracking

Helen starts with TouchPoint+’s FileView tool. She likes to keep track of her own files, and those in progress throughout her department. TouchPoint+ opens up a transparent view into what has happened (with live data taken from the firm’s Proclaim Case Management system) and Helen can drill down into individual cases.

This is new to her – she can view a great deal of the firm’s data, easily and simply, while out of the office. Being able to securely take a look at works in progress, via an iPad from her lounge, makes Helen feel especially good as it means she’s making much better use of her limited time.

Document management

TouchPoint+’s Document Upload tool gives Helen a fast and easy route to upload any kind of documents to the relevant Proclaim files, all from the one-stop portal. And it doesn’t matter where she is, because the TouchPoint+ experience is the same no matter what device she’s using. Documents uploaded can trigger workflow tasks in the office’s Proclaim system, keeping things moving and progressing in the background.

Data at your fingertips

As a senior director in the firm, Helen values TouchPoint+’s Analytics tool. She likes the way KPIs and management information are presented in TouchPoint+ — there’s a great deal of live data about the firm in there, all available at press of a tile.

In essence, Helen has a visual landscape of the whole firm at her fingertips, so she can do more than just see the information – she can understand what’s going on. She can look at predefined data, but she prefers to choose her own parameters from the many available to create her own graphs and reports.

Lately many of Helen’s firm’s biggest clients have been demanding all kinds of reports, both before they choose her firm to partner with and while they’re working together – now she can provide them with all the bells and whistles they want. And because Helen’s business-minded, she wants to analyse profitability and client satisfaction – all of which are available through the TouchPoint+ interface.

Helen’s life is easier, and her information is with her wherever she is.