Ministry of Justice (MoJ) RTA Claims Portal – Proclaim A2A Software

Leading Case Management Software provider, Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced continued success for clients using its Proclaim A2A RTA Claims Management Software system.

Following The Ministry of Justice‘s well-publicised ruling, all Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims of a value less than £10,000 must be processed through a central ‘Portal‘.   Eclipse was the first vendor to make integration with the portal available, via a seamless A2A (Application-to-Application) method.

Using A2A, claimant law firms with Eclipse’s Proclaim Claims Management solution can manage RTA claims entirely through the Proclaim desktop, without resorting to the MoJ’s slower, manual ‘web browser’ method.

Eclipse has implemented Proclaim A2A for over 150 of its RTA law firm clients, resulting in full compliance with the Ministry of Justice’s claims process.

Eclipse’s founder and Chief Software Architect, Steve Ough, comments:

“It is vital for all of our Proclaim A2A clients that we continue to provide a fast and proactive development service to enable them to use the RTA claims portal without disturbance.   The level of technical support and development we provide is of huge importance for our clients, as the Government suggests increased use of the ‘Portal’ in future for other claim types including Employer Liability, Public Liability and Medical Negligence.”