Modern marketing

We spoke to Modern Law Magazine about whether law firms are utilising a large enough variety of marketing techniques to promote their practice.

In the ever-changing legal landscape, law firms need to be quick to adapt and to adopt a holistic approach to marketing campaigns. The client journey often begins online, and the last few years have seen clients become much savvier when selecting and buying legal services. As a result, the number of practices with an in-house marketing team is on the rise; however budgets are still somewhat conservative.

Although law firms are slightly more restricted working within a regulated industry, there are a few key concepts that need to be implemented and executed more efficiently.

Social media
Most firms are participating in one way or another, and some have developed sophisticated strategies to ensure they truly engage with both prospects and clients. However the fact remains that most are only using it as a one-way channel to distribute content.

Additionally, law firms need to step away from focusing on conversion in a traditional sense – i.e. turning a prospect into a client. Generally speaking, conversion can be defined as persuading a potential client to interact with an aspect of the website, and as such, there are now softer objectives, such as subscribing to a newsletter or attending an event.

Responsive websites
2015 saw Google release an algorithm update to penalise non-responsive sites, with the aim to phase them out of the top search results pages.

As mobile-only internet is becoming increasingly common, law firms need to ensure websites are optimised and that content can be easily downloaded on a mobile device, yet many firms are still only in the planning stage of this process.

Multi-channel marketing
The overall experience across all platforms needs to reflect the service on offer and business branding.

As part of this, multi-channel marketing is crucial for law firms with regards to image and interfacing with clients – but consistency is key, and this is hugely underestimated within the legal sector. For example, a lot of law firms have a beautiful office in a prime location, yet a poorly designed website and an inconsistent brand message.

A recurring theme among the legal sector is difficulty in measuring the success of a marketing strategy.

Firms are often collecting the data but don’t take it any further. It’s crucial to analyse and act upon those results to derive meaningful business insights and a thorough analysis of a marketing campaign is invaluable in enabling firms to develop better methods of client and prospect engagement.

Currently, many law firms are missing these key opportunities to expand and develop practices.