New Year, new you?

Dolores EvelynA new year often represents that all important time to turn over a new leaf. Charlotte Parkinson of Modern Law spoke to Dolores Evelyn (pictured), Sales Director at Eclipse Legal Systems, about why that ‘leaf-turning’ may need to happen more quickly than you think in 2014.

2013 was a year full of memorable moments; from riding out the completely unpredictable weather to Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and even welcoming a Royal baby, there were certainly some great highs in 2013.

For many law firms however, 2013 was a year that would happily be forgotten; without a doubt the year was overshadowed by the fallout of the extensive reforms to civil litigation. Although the reforms were not implemented until April, much of the talk pre-April revolved around the ‘what-ifs’ and the talk post-April was dominated by the ‘what now’s’. The changes implemented in April sparked transformation within the legal sector and were followed by talks of further cuts to legal aid and by whispers of continued reform to come in the New Year.

Now the New Year is well and truly upon us, the time has come for many firms to consider their options and take stock for 2014. As with the rest of the legal sector, the pace of technological advance and opportunity is far from slowing down. Whether you are stuck between in-housing or outsourcing your facilities-management, want to make the leap and finally go ‘paperless’, or are torn between the balance of working remotely or in the office, there are systems out there which can help. In light of legislative change, investment into IT and the infrastructure of your firm has never been so important, the extensive consolidation (particularly within the Personal Injury sector) means that there is now opportunity for those firms who are left to become stronger, better equipped and more cost effective, by exploring and utilising new areas of technology which may have previously been undiscovered.

If you are still undecided about which systems and processes are best for your firm, remember that swift decision making will be the key to differentiate your service from your competitors and keep up with market development in the New Year. Start the year by exploring new ways of providing faster and easier services for your clients, whilst ensuring service remains at the forefront of your firm’s vision. 2014 should be the year you make the change, do it, before someone else does.

Dolores Evelyn of Eclipse Legal Systems, comments:

“It has never been more important to differentiate your services from the competition – and doing so does not necessarily have to be a complicated or mammoth task. ‘Action’ is the watchword – set plans in motion and make the move towards providing a slicker and more personal service for your clients. If you don’t act fast, you can guarantee that the ‘firm down the road’ will…”