Niche technologies

How a little extra can bring new levels of efficiency

The use of technology in law firms and other legal organisations has been revolutionary. For fee earners, partners, cashiers, and IT specialists – the introduction of certain software has been a game changer, enabling firms to grow at a faster rate than ever before.

Most good law firms today will have a case or practice management solution in place for staff to use the many time-saving features to increase their efficiencies, take on new business, and generate more revenue for the business.

But aside from programmes used to manage case files and the finances of a firm, what are other technologies that can be used to enhance efficiency? Once you have your Proclaim environment set up, what else can you do?

Smaller technologies with a very specific benefit

We’re a huge advocate of more niche technologies. Smaller pieces of software that do a very specific job. They’re not necessarily going to appeal to everyone, only those who have a very particular task that needs completing.

One such item of software is Arken Professional, which now integrates seamlessly with Proclaim. Arken Professional is an online will creator that walks fee earners through the process of drafting a will for their client, in the quickest, but most effective way possible.

Wills are a small but quickly growing section of the legal sector in the UK. Only fee earners who choose to offer this as a service have anything to do with wills on a day-to-day basis, and Arken is designed with these very people in mind.

Great benefits at a small cost

The great thing about niche technologies is they offer a solution to a very unique problem, but can be quite small in nature and so are relatively inexpensive. Arken, for example, is available as an add-on to

Proclaim – and so doesn’t cost anything close to a stand-alone wills solution.

But the benefits can be huge. These technologies cater to the very specific needs of fee earners in this field, and provide solutions to their challenges. In general, they can make things even more efficient – in ways a general case management software solution is limited to due to its broad scope of requirements.

Existing efficiencies are enhanced further when other niche technologies such as Arken Professional can ‘plug-in’ to your main solution creating a new level of maximum efficiency for your law firm.

Niche technologies aren’t limited to will creation. There are all sorts of different things, suitable for different types of tasks. But the integration with Arken Professional is our latest innovation that we’re particularly excited about here at Eclipse, as it provides a very obvious and fast benefit to our clients.

You can read more about our integration with Arken Professional by clicking here.