Well-oiled ship: Proclaim testimonial from Rob Crompton of Eclipse client, Michael Lewin Solicitors

rob-crompton-michael-lewin-solicitors“We have been using Proclaim since 2011. We believe that Proclaim is the market leader when it comes to legal Case Management Systems; it is efficient, well-structured, easy to navigate through, and is able to link actions together which saves on time and effort for our staff. Eclipse has a unique system that – with easy to understand training – enables users to gain the ability to amend and implement any required changes in-house.  This empowers users to be self-sufficient and to maximise their time to focus on more cost-bearing exercises. Eclipse’s technical support is second to none and the firm is able to work with an extremely high level of speed and efficiency. We have no doubt that by utilising Proclaim, we have become a more well-oiled ship.”

Rob Crompton is the Head of Debt Recovery for Michael Lewin Solicitors

Michael Lewin Solicitors