Profitable relationships – using TouchPoint+

Introducing TouchPoint+ by Eclipse Legal Systems

Legal services provision is changing – your clients, customers and business partners are demanding more for less. They require more information, more quickly wherever they are.

And at a lower cost.

Eclipse’s new TouchPoint+ system puts them at the centre, providing a truly personal ‘self-service’ experience. With a slick and accessible interface, personalised interactive tiles enable you to deliver bespoke real-time data, information and applications, via any device and any web browser.

Profitable relationships – using TouchPoint+

Let’s look at how TouchPoint+ could be used by a business partner. Let’s call our individual user ‘James’. James is a senior director at an insurance company and his job involves liaising with an external service provider who manages large quantities of litigated injury cases.

Interactive reporting

TouchPoint+ changes his interaction with this law firm partner – and how he tracks progress – immeasurably. The interactive hub behind TouchPoint+ gives him visibility of all current and historical claims, visual statistics, and reporting tools. This means he can track work at a time and in a place convenient to him – be that in the office, or on an evening at home via iPad. He can keep an eye on costs and progress at the touch of a tile, ultimately helping James do his job more easily and deliver a better service to his clients and stakeholders.

Tracking progress

By accessing TouchPoint+’s FileView system, James can track each and every claim. This opens up a transparent view of progress – he can see top-level information, like who is working on each claim, right through to detailed individual histories. Instead of making chase-up phone calls, which are time-consuming and tricky to handle quickly for James and his busy lawyers, he can now get the information himself. Whenever he wants. Instantly.

Document authorisation

TouchPoint+ also gives him online access to documents that need authorising. Before TouchPoint+, he received these via standard email — and he wasn’t very comfortable with the security of that. Or worse, they arrived interminably slowly through the post. TouchPoint+ has put an end to all that — he now receives alerts reminding him to attend to a document or issue, and he can review and action anything that needs attention in a secure environment, in real-time. That means really quick turnaround.

Self-service analytics

The self-service ‘Analytics’ section in TouchPoint+ really helps James with his work. Insurance is a competitive market, and he needs to stay on top of his game – for that, he needs data. In TouchPoint+ Analytics he can draw from a plethora of parameters, KPIs and management information, and he gets all of this live, on-screen, at the touch of a tile. He can even choose the graph style and make his own as and when he needs to.  And with TouchPoint+, instead of numerous emails, faxes and calls to his lawyers he has instant access to data, just the way he wants it. He runs all reports himself and monitors costs, speed of service, and financial trends from his desk – or his sofa.

Measure relationships

Now, instead of waiting to receive a letter or phone call, James can tell his firm what he thinks of the service he receives using TouchPoint+’s Satisfaction Survey tool. He always has plenty of feedback, which is all imported into the law firm’s Proclaim Case Management system. This helps law firm partners follow up with him on areas that need attention, and analyse the data with him to learn lessons and improve their service – something else he likes.

Working together collaboratively at last? For James, that time has arrived.