Small changes that make a big difference to client service

In normal times, law firms and other legal organisations are constantly striving for greater efficiency and better client service. How can they do what they’re already doing – but even better and even faster?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, improving their offering is still a focus for many practices. But others simply want to maintain what they had before, but within an entirely different working environment. It’s a difficult situation.

Whatever your goal – we’re here to talk about the fact that it isn’t always big structural changes that are necessary. Sometimes there are small things that can make all the difference.

Becoming more efficient

Think about the most time-consuming tasks you have to perform every day in your role. Whether you’re a fee earner, partner, working in accounts or elsewhere.

Most of it is probably filling out forms and organising your files and folders. Automation is a solution here, and the quicker you decide to embrace this type of technology, the better.

Our market-leading case and practice management system, Proclaim, is always looking at new ways to automate tasks. Recently, we updated its integration with Microsoft Outlook, and now emails that need to be recorded within Proclaim can be done automatically.

Previously, fee earners had to remember to drag and drop emails into the correct case file within Proclaim. This can now be completed automatically, Proclaim gives all emails a unique tag in the subject line, freeing up time for more value adding tasks. Fee earners can even see at glance in Outlook which emails have been flagged as being recorded in Proclaim.

Automating email recording isn’t a particularly big or exciting thing, but thousands of Proclaim users have already benefited from it. They’ve more time to spend on delivering a great service to their clients, which is what they want to be doing anyway.

Increasing professionalism

Naturally, you want your clients to feel they are dealing with a professional outfit. It gives them confidence that you’ll deliver a good service and you’ll be there to meet all the needs they want to have met.

One way to do this is through your communication with them. Obviously if you’re talking to them on the phone or in person, you’re probably already doing everything you need to be doing. But if it’s via email, one simple and easy method is to send branded emails.

The recent email improvements we’ve implemented within Proclaim are relevant here too. One new feature is the text editor that can be used when creating the emails. It includes the ability to implement HTML code so you can really customise the look and feel of the email.

Put together a footer template you like and it can be used by everyone in the firm! That way you maintain consistency, and it’s much better than the black text on a plain white background you’re used to. Add a little colour, your company logo, and it’s a big improvement with very little effort.

We’re always adding small features that make a huge difference to Proclaim. To find out more, get in touch today.