Three ways to keep your client’s sensitive data secure

The security of client data should be your number one priority. Most individuals won’t even consider hiring a law firm if they don’t feel confident their details will be properly secured.

The regulatory requirements with regards to data are another incentive to ensuring everything is managed correctly. With the introduction of GDPR, it’s more important than ever to handle data in the right way.

There are a number of ways in which data can be compromised. It can happen maliciously, where a hacker or fraudster is looking to breach your systems and steal sensitive information – probably for financial gain.

It can also happen accidentally. Human error is a part of life, and it’s not uncommon for an email to mistakenly be sent to the wrong person – an email that contains data that should not be shared with anyone other than the intended recipients.

Neither of these scenarios are completely unavoidable. But you can mitigate the risk by taking reason steps to maintain the trust of your clients, and reduce the chance of fines and other punishments by regulators.

So, what can you do?

Your Case Management software is where your client’s data is going to be stored. So you need a solution that provides suitable security, and makes it easier for you to stay on the right side of the regulations.

Meet GDPR requirements

Proclaim features two GDPR toolsets that assist you in remaining compliant. They are the GDPR Information Asset Register, and the GDPR Individual Rights Workflow.

The Asset Register acts as a map for all the data you hold. It allows you to track where information is stored, and helps you understand why you have it and what it is being used for.

The Individual Rights workflow manages GDPR requests such as the Right to be Forgotten from individuals whose data you hold, allowing you to respond to their requests in a simple and efficient manner within the regulatory time limits. Only authorised users can access this information. And it issues on screen alerts to flag potential non-compliance matters.

Ring-fence data securely in the cloud

Whilst you can host Proclaim on your own systems, Proclaim can also live happily in any secure UK based ISO accredited data centre, meaning data is never held on users devices. This makes it easy to control who has access to client information and means misplaced laptops are not the severe data breach they once were.

Your entire Proclaim database is regularly backed up automatically, so should a disaster strike your offices you can be back concentrating on client care in no time, accessing Proclaim from any location.

Send and receive sensitive data in encrypted emails

One of the newer features of Proclaim is the integration with RMail, which allows you to send encrypted emails to clients.
This means if an email gets intercepted, no data will be at risk because only the intended recipient can see the contents of that email – including any attachments.

It works through Outlook, so there’s no additional effort required from the sender. There’s a simple button you can press to ‘encrypt’ any email and then send it directly through Proclaim. Your recipients can even reply to the encrypted email in a secure encrypted portal.

You can also see when the email has been read by the recipient, which acts as proof of delivery – admissible as evidence in a court of law.


If security is important to you – and it should be – then Proclaim is the obvious choice as a Case Management solution.

You can find out more about this software by requesting a no obligation demonstration. Just visit this page.