TouchPoint+ journey – Conveyancing

Legal services provision is changing – your clients, customers and business partners are demanding more for less. They require more information, more quickly wherever they are – and at a lower cost.

Eclipse’s new TouchPoint+ system puts them at the centre, providing a truly personal ‘self-service’ experience. With a slick and accessible interface, personalised interactive tiles enable you to deliver bespoke real-time data, information and applications, via any device and any web browser.

The Conveyancing Journey – using TouchPoint+


For most people, buying a house is one of the most daunting and stressful experiences in life — especially for those not used to dealing with the legal profession. But for those using TouchPoint+, the whole experience changes for the better. TouchPoint+ means they are involved, in touch and in control.

Client capture

Meet Sarah — she’s buying her first house and she’s looking for a conveyancing quote. One conveyancer she visits is a TouchPoint+ user, so rather than phoning or visiting them, an active tile on the firm’s site takes her to a quote calculator. Sarah gets her quote using her iPhone – and once happy with it, her information is pushed automatically into the firm’s Proclaim Case Management system. From here, all sorts of workflows can be triggered that get things moving for Sarah. A welcome SMS and an email give her secure access to her new TouchPoint+ self-service area.


Because this is Sarah’s TouchPoint+, and it’s personal to her, she can create a personalised map and snapshot of the house she has fallen in love with. Further information tiles can include plain-English explanations of the process, and useful FAQs – all helping to build Sarah’s confidence in the journey.

Keeping in touch

At any point, Sarah can contact and chat with her lawyer, and behind the scenes all queries and questions can be sucked into Proclaim, to trigger workflow or be rerouted to relevant personnel. For Sarah this means no more leaving messages, wondering if and when someone will call back.

Using TouchPoint+’s ‘FileView’ tool, Sarah stays informed and in control. She can check on her file and its documentation any time and from anywhere. It’s a transparent view which gives Sarah the full conveyancing picture and a greater understanding of the process. The data she sees is secure, and in real-time – her law firm decides how much (or how little) is shown – whatever is right and appropriate for them.


Through marketing features in TouchPoint+, Sarah receives tailored communications, news feeds, blogs and even special offers that are relevant to her. She is free to just pull information, so she won’t get irritated by blanket ‘junk mailers’ — but she appreciates taking a look at a relevant news feed while at work on her PC or catching up with a blog on her smartphone.

TouchPoint+ helps to build a closer, more positive relationship between Sarah and her law firm. Once her house is bought and all the paperwork is complete, Sarah can then take part in a Client Satisfaction survey embedded in TouchPoint+. The results are automatically captured in Proclaim, triggering relevant workflow tasks inside the firm.

And of course, subsequent data analysis helps the law firm continually improve customer service — which Sarah, or the friends she recommends to the firm, will appreciate when they want to buy or sell their homes.