TouchPoint+ security and usability enhancements

Create greater confidence in your law firm with increased security

Two-factor authentication
Dan needs to obtain the services of a solicitor. He’s buying his first home, and needs to get the conveyancing process started. Unfortunately, the law firm he was going to choose recently suffered a data breach, and sensitive client information was obtained by hackers.

So now he’s worried that if he chooses the wrong solicitor, his information could be compromised.

As such, his search for a conveyancer is very thorough. Dan comes across a law firm that uses TouchPoint+ – an online interactive self-service portal that allows clients of law firms to get updates on case progress at any time and facilitates easier communication between solicitors and their clients.

Dan noticed the law firm uses the latest version of TouchPoint+ that comes with a new security feature. Two-factor authentication, which means there are two things he needs to do before he can login to his account. First, he uses his login details (username and password) as normal. Then he will receive a text message to his phone with a unique code that needs to be entered into the portal.

Without the two-factor authentication – if anyone untoward were to get hold of Dan’s password and login, they will have access to communications between the law firm and Dan, as well as confidential documents regarding the case. Adding this extra layer of security prevents this scenario from occurring and gives Dan peace of mind his personal data will remain secure. If anyone were to steal Dan’s username and password information, they would also need his phone to gain access.

Dan sees this technology as a sign the law firm is dedicated to providing clients with a safe environment from which they can communicate and service his conveyancing needs. Dan hires this law firm to complete the purchase of his property.

Streamline case processing whilst enhancing client care

See all your matters in one place
Mid-way through the conveyancing process, Dan has an accident at work and is looking to make a claim. Thankfully, the firm he has chosen to arrange the purchase of his new home also specialises in personal injury law.

So he speaks to the firm and his case is set up in no time. Whilst a different solicitor is handling his personal injury claim, Dan can use the same TouchPoint+ account to view both of the different matters the law firm is looking after.

There’s no need for another account. He can seamlessly switch between viewing the details of his conveyancing and personal injury cases, making everything more efficient. The Solicitors that are looking after Dan’s matters can also log into in to TouchPoint+ and view all the different matters they are working on in the same easy to use interface – helping to provide Dan and others like him with great client care.