Two-way text messaging and video compatibility for Proclaim!

Case Management software specialist, Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced the latest developments to its increasingly popular Proclaim software system (used by over 6,000 UK legal professionals). The developments incorporate new communication methods being embraced by the profession, and expand the range of correspondence types catered for by Proclaim.

Sound file compatibility
Proclaim is now compatible with sound files (e.g .wav), and can import, store, and export audio clips. Originally implemented as part of Eclipse’s work in creating integration with BigHand’s digital dictation software, sound file compatibility now enables case handlers to store and utilise audio files in the same way as any other document type (.doc, .xls, etc).

Video file compatibility
In addition, Proclaim will also shortly be able to utilise the ‘mp4’ file format for import, storage and export of video files. The feature will prove invaluable for a range of uses, including footage of accident scenes, medical claims, etc and complements Proclaim’s existing image file compatibility.

2-way text messaging
In an extension of Proclaim’s existing SMS Text Messaging functionality, the system can now accept replies to text messages, as well as simply sending them. Replies to messages sent by law firms (which can also be branded with the firm’s name) can be incepted into the relevant case history to ensure integrity of the complete chain of solicitor / client correspondence.