Using technology to improve the client experience – but in a safe and secure way

Delivering a good client experience is essential in the legal world. Many who seek the advice or services of a law firm are in a difficult situation, and need the necessary expertise to help finalise their house purchase, handle their personal injury claim, or deal with the sensitive nature of probate work.

People want to pay for legal services that are going to get them the best end result – but they also want to ensure the entire process, whatever their needs might be, is handled smoothly, efficiently and with a certain amount of transparency.

But that could lead to other problems.

The evolution of technology in client services

First, let’s talk about the role technology can play, and has played, in enabling businesses to provide a higher level of customer service.

15 years ago it was becoming essential that every brand, big and small, had a website. They were fantastic platforms for displaying their information, customers could easily get in touch with them, and they helped generate lots of leads. Today brands are discovering ways to improve that experience even more, typically with the development of their own app.

Most individuals have their own smartphone and/or tablet, and so having information available on those platforms with excellent usability features has become very popular. The legal sector has been slow adopting this type of thing, but is beginning to embrace technology more and more when it comes to customer service.

Here’s where the problems start.

Digital solutions could mean less security

Whilst most customers appreciate the way they’re able to better connect with their lawyer, it does require a certain give and take. Having their case information available on an online portal or an app, ready for them to view at any time, is extremely convenient.

They don’t have to constantly phone or email anyone, asking for an update on their circumstances. Everything can be readily available with information provided in real-time. Why would you want to hire a law firm that doesn’t provide that kind of transparency?

But it does mean their case details are going to be available digitally. When it was just on paper, there was very little risk of this information falling into the wrong hands. Now, with news stories about security breaches seemingly quite common, there’s no guarantee everything is safe and secure.

Do your customers want to run the risk that their personal information – details that can be used to defraud them – could be stolen? Absolutely not.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment to protect people’s data

Technology devised to improve the client experience needs suitable security measures in place. One data breach, accidental or malicious, will lose all trust in your services.

TouchPoint+, the self-service portal from Eclipse integrated with the Proclaim Case Management solution, boasts features that ensure a very high level of security. The latest version of this solution now includes two-factor authentication.

It uses SMS text messaging to verify a user’s identity when logging into the portal to view their documents and case status.

That way they can be sure nobody has intercepted anything. Even if a malicious user had their login details, they wouldn’t be able to do or see anything without that text message.

If you’d like to learn more about how TouchPoint+ can securely transform client care at your law firm, you can find out more here.