‘Capture’ – a new way to manage leads and improve the client onboarding process

The way firms are engaging with their potential clients is changing – and there is a growing realisation that how initial enquiries are handled is of utmost importance.

Given increasing competitive pressures, every new enquiry must be managed carefully and with proper processes, to maximise the chances of converting every prospect into a paying client.

Introducing Capture…

Created using the very latest Microsoft software stack, Capture integrates seamlessly with Eclipse’s Law Society Endorsed ‘Proclaim’ case and practice management system – but is also available standalone for firms using other technologies. Capture can be implemented as a browser-based tool or located on-premise, and provides a suite of inception tools including:

  • Controlled data capture of initial client enquiries, either via automated import from a third party or manually by case handlers
  • Management of ongoing communications and information gathering during the ‘prospect’ stage
  • Conflict checking and historical searching to rapidly view past behaviours and contacts
  • Final collation of relevant data, enabling the creation of a ‘live’ case by a one-click process
  • Capture provides a dedicated platform to manage enquiry capture and onboarding, ensuring that potential clients do not slip through the net.

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