GDPR Information Asset Register

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, and carries with it the threat of a 4% of global turnover fine for serious data breaches.

To put that into context, TalkTalk’s recent £400,000 fine for its data breach would be – under GDPR – more like £60,000,000!

It has never been more important to have a full handle on what kind of data your firm holds, uses, and stores.

To assist in this onerous task, and to mitigate the risk of a heavy fine, we have created an Information Asset Register system.

Independent of the core Proclaim solution, the Information Asset Register provides a central ‘map’ of the data assets your organisation holds, and can flag issues such as data that needs to be deleted at an expiration date. Firms that do not have an Information Asset Register risk fines of 2% for less serious data breaches – which is still an extremely unwelcome penalty to be hit with.

Eclipse’s Information Asset Register application provides a one-stop ‘map’ of all data information assets so that your organisation can track what data you have, why you have it, what it is being used for, if consent is needed, and what expiration policies you will need to follow.

The Information Asset Register

  • Securely hosted in the UK, and also available as an on-premise solution if required
  • A single wrapped system with no additional licensing requirements
  • Easy to use, with pre-defined workflows to assist risk and compliance personnel
  • Scalable to cater for all shapes and sizes of organisation – from single business units through to layered organisations with multiple divisions and operating models
  • Secure – only authorised users within relevant business units will have access to information
  • Reporting and onscreen KPIs and alerts to flag areas of potential or forthcoming non-compliance

Who will need this?

GDPR impacts all businesses, and everyone will need to be compliant. Most businesses – and especially those that deal with individual end-customers – will hold vast amounts of personal data, in various locations (not just within your case management system!) All businesses will need to have an Information Asset Register.

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