Commercial Case and File Management Software

Proclaim Commercial Case and File Management Software is suitable for a huge range of commercial activities. If your business relies on any number of process-driven activities, including management of staff, complaints handling, supplier management and telesales, then Proclaim can help you.

In-Depth Reporting

A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity. The reporting system enables any information held within Proclaim to be configured into a report — to be exported into Microsoft Excel if required for advanced manipulation.

Outlook integration

Outlook is the email conduit integrated (as standard) into Proclaim. Incoming emails can be auto-filed into the case history when the case reference is in the subject line. Emails can also be dragged and dropped into history; attachments can be saved using either method. A Proclaim ‘ribbon’ is available for those who prefer to utilise Outlook heavily. Additionally, Proclaim’s personal diary function manages any diary appointments, details of which can be passed through to Outlook for viewing.

Full audit trail

Proclaim’s integrated history screen tracks every single in/out transaction taken on a file, including memos, documents, telephone calls etc. In addition to this, Proclaim includes its own auditing tool. This tracks amendments to data fields and tasks, providing a view of the previous value, who made the changes and when. Using Proclaim’s User Profiles tool, you can limit the ability for certain staff to make amendments or view any auditing information.


Eclipse’s Compliance toolset is a fully integrated feature of Proclaim, assisting with the extensive obligations required by the SRA. Users will have access to a variety of tools including a Risk Register to track potential SRA breaches, a standard and configurable reporting system to interrogate data and a Compliance Library providing a centralised store for accessing compliance plans, office manuals and relevant SRA documentation.

Fully searchable data

Proclaim provides a powerful central database that stores each and every piece of information relevant to your cases and files. Any element of data within the Proclaim database can be searched and can take into account any number and combination of data fields.

Document comparison

Eclipse integrates seamlessly with DocsCorp to provide an optional feature of document comparison, providing you with incomparable levels of efficiency. The comparison tool identifies changes in document versions, and then outputs those changes directly into Word or PDF. The result is a seamless workflow that delivers exceptional levels of accuracy and speed.

Time costing

All documentation, telephone calls and preparation work processed is automatically time-costed at the selected rate – against every action (incoming and outgoing) taken.