Proclaim Credit Control Centre

Proclaim’s Credit Control Centre (CCC) provides you with an integrated suite of tools to manage credit control within your practice. A central dashboard display provides key financial and payment information, with the ability to search for – and drill directly into – bills, clients and matters.

Standard dashboard information includes:

  • Aged debt summary, with a full drill-down
  • Clients near or exceeding their credit limit
  • Items overdue, due soon or disputed
  • Recent and promised payments
  • Tasks due (including ‘chase’ letters and telephone calls)

Credit terms

CCC enables you to provide tailored credit solutions for your clients, ensuring maximum control and flexibility. Terms can be set centrally or made specific to a client or matter, with separate credit limits available for bills outstanding and WIP. Credit limits can be set as a fixed amount or as a percentage of a specified case value (e.g. 80% of the quote). Limits and user defined statuses can be used to control access to accounts postings or case actions, and a change in status can trigger workflow in Proclaim, such as an e-mail to a fee earner.

For example, a client could have the following procedure in place:

  1. Trigger a credit control routine when amount owed reaches £2,500
  2. Set in motion a (definable) series of staged letters (or emails) to inform the client of the situation
  3. Include configurable statements with relevant payment terms and instructions
  4. Escalate the matter to a partner if a response is not received 14 days after the 4th letter

Client data

CCC maintains a complete history of all activities and documents, debts and payments stored within the relevant client or matter file. Bills can be viewed individually and payments can be broken down to show the bills affected. A billing guide of unbilled disbursements and WIP is also included. Traffic light and flagging systems are available to provide at-a-glance indicators requiring attention. Clients and matters can be colour-coded (based upon your own parameters) and flags can be attached to potentially problematic or high value situations. Processes can also be put in place to suppress the chasing of debtors, or to amend the credit control procedure at any point.