Criminal Case Management Software

Proclaim Criminal Case Management Software provides a solution to the administrative hurdles inherent in Criminal work, enabling you to handle caseloads efficiently and profitably. Catering for Investigative and Proceedings for Criminal LSC casework, Proclaim’s standard case file structure can be easily modified to suit your way of working.

Legal Aid billing

Proclaim caters for Private and Legal Aid/Legally-assisted casework. As part of its design, the standard case file structure can be modified to suit your way of working. Additionally, time is recorded automatically and available for upload to the Legal Aid Agency.

Court Duty Solicitor database

Fee earners who are registered as Court Duty Solicitors can be displayed within Proclaim, at the click of a button, recording a full history of activity – from attendance to billing – allowing you to manage and analyse the whereabouts of these fee earners and ultimately, provide a professional and efficient service for clients.

Automatic UFN generation

When creating a new case, Proclaim will automatically assign a unique file number ensuring all cases are easily identifiable and searchable.

Integrated diary

A full diary facility is linked with all case activities, providing automated reminders to ensure important dates (i.e. a court hearing) aren’t missed. Proclaim’s diary system provides a powerful tool that can also set other activities to be diarised in someone else’s diary – for example, set a reminder for a secretary to send out a chaser letter.

Task reminders

Task lists are available to enable you to post reminder memos on individual cases, automatically updating depending on various factors such as new client information received or actions taken that day. Users can be assigned a supervisor who will be alerted to any overdue tasks and who will have the ability to post, action, reschedule and transfer tasks to other users.

Online Case Tracking

Support your clients around the clock – without increasing staff numbers, or the hours they work. Proclaim can automatically publish selected data (as much or as little as you like) to a secure section of your website — enabling your clients to view up-to-the-minute case progress and ultimately reducing the number of ‘update’ enquiries to your practice.


Proclaim caters for multiple cost types – all documentation, phone calls and preparation processed is automatically time costed at the correct rate. The system calculates the Proceedings costs to assist the final file review, ensuring all activities have been logged to the case. Proclaim also caters for batch time posting, giving you the ability to post notes of, for example, a court attendance, travelling, waiting etc. at the click of a button.