Debt Recovery Case Management Software

Proclaim Debt Recovery and Collections Software is a comprehensive County and High Court debt recovery system; ensuring high standards of effective recovery are achieved consistently. Proclaim manages the production of Claim forms and covers Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding Up Proceedings, ensuring efficient operation, fast turnaround and an improved bottom line.

Payment plan calculations

Proclaim enables the calculation of debts based upon current interest base rates (these are amendable, should the need arise), with a full breakdown of each debt’s interest calculations – readily available to import into client letters. In addition, the system can also cater for interest rates linked to ‘x% above base’, allowing true flexibility.

CCBC/SDT integration

Proclaim includes, as standard, enhanced integration with the CCBC/SDT. A wide range of services are available, encompassing the submission of a request claim, request for judgement, automated retrieval of defendant responses, warrant requests and notification of paid cases. Your manual processes are minimised as claims are submitted to the CCBC/SDT via users’ Proclaim desktop, at the click of a button. Data verification is included to ensure that all relevant information is included (pre-submission), alerting users to any missing elements in real-time. Feedback on case progress is managed and fed into the respective cases, updating users via Proclaim’s integrated task management system.

Automated population

Enter information once only and create completed court documents quickly, efficiently and at the click of a button. Proclaim’s workflows enable you to produce documents with minimal effort, and built-in intelligence ensures that your letters look personalised, not mass-produced. ‘Letters before Action’ can be issued automatically, and from here the case is escalated through to requesting and receiving judgement.

Costs and interest tracking

Proclaim Debt Recovery Software can calculate the interest, fixed fees, instalment payments and limitation dates for you – saving your fee earners time and administrative duties – enabling them to focus on providing a high standard of client service.

Single detail entry

Information entered into Proclaim need only be done once, saving hours (and potentially days) of laborious data entry. Additionally, Proclaim’s automated file import means clients with numerous bad debts can be integrated into the system at the click of a button.

Inherent workflow

Proclaim’s in-built workflow can be customised to ensure cases are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your practice’s standards.


A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity. Standard reports – all amendable – are provided within Proclaim. For example, facilities to report on the caseload of fee earners and departments, the source of referrals, the current status of debts for a particular client and cash flow for a client based on recovery rates over the past ‘x’ months etc.

Rob Crompton of rapidly expanding Leeds based practice, Michael Lewin Solicitors, talks about how Proclaim enables service excellence and rapid file progression.

About Michael Lewin Solicitors:

  • Employing 150 staff
  • Specialising in litigation work including injury claims and debt recovery
  • Experienced 700% growth since implementing Proclaim