Family & Matrimonial Software

Family work – from Divorce and Ancillary Relief through to Children’s Act claims and Injunction proceedings – is more complex than ever, particularly when publicly funded. Let Proclaim handle all the time-consuming administrative tasks and document production, allowing you to provide the highest quality of personal service to your clients.

Private client and Legal Aid

Proclaim caters for Private and Legal Aid/Legally-assisted casework. As part of its design, the standard case file structure can be modified to suit your way of working. Additionally, time is automatically recorded and available for upload to the Legal Aid Agency.

Consolidated Matter Report Form

Proclaim automatically transfers the case details into the Consolidated Matter Report Form, held for reproduction by the system. The system caters for multiple cost rates within each case and will produce the summary CMR at the end of the relevant accounting period for all cases that have been transferred during that period.

Financial Control

Cost limits on a case can be set up that will then display on-screen warnings when these limits are approaching, and continue to warn when they have been exceeded – until the cost limits have been increased. Case files display all costs to date for any cost rate, together with a summary of the costs billed by type.

Automatic time recording

All documentation, telephone calls and preparation work processed is automatically time-costed at the selected rate. Batch time posting is catered for, giving you the ability to post notes of, for example, a court attendance, travelling, waiting etc. at the touch of a button, at different rates.

Document bundling

Document bundling is a standard Proclaim feature, enabling your fee earners to select and amalgamate any number of case documents into one single paginated PDF pack. Templates for bundles can be set as a memo, letter, fax or email. Once compiled, the bundle is automatically added to the case history, ready to be sent as an attachment to an email, or printed off.

Data storage

Logical screens allow you to open new cases and enter matter details quickly and easily, whilst a powerful database holds your entire group of contacts and attaches all relevant details and documentation to the case in hand. All screens are user definable if required, and any fields can be made mandatory for completion and to ensure case progression. A complete list of Courts in England and Wales is held within Proclaim, and the system includes all available court forms, allowing the download of updates from the Lord Chancellor’s and LSC’s websites.


A full diary facility is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked. The diary system provides a powerful tool that can be set up to allow certain activities to be diarised in someone else’s diary e.g. secretary to chase for a reply to a fee earner’s letter, etc. All actions are logged to create an accurate audit trail.