In-House Legal Software

Proclaim In-House Legal Software ensures a consistent approach to legal services, boasting efficiencies at every stage of file management and resulting in hours saved on administrative tasks. Time sapping manual document production is eliminated with Proclaim as documents and court forms are created automatically. Overall, Proclaim In-house Legal Software improves your file handling, reduces processing time and increases the quality of work your team produces.

DocsCorp integration

Proclaim seamlessly integrates with DocsCorp enabling you to compare documents with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across both Word and PDF documents.

Document bundling

Document bundling is a standard Proclaim feature, enabling your fee earners to select and amalgamate any number of case documents into one single paginated PDF pack. Templates for bundling can be set as a memo, letter, fax or email. Once compiled, the bundle is automatically added to the case history, ready to be sent as an attachment to an email, or printed off.

 Web-enabled data

Provide your business partners and stakeholders with more information, at a quicker rate and around the clock – without increasing staff hours or numbers! Proclaim can automatically publish selected data (as much or as little as you like) to a secure section of your website, enabling your stakeholders to view up-to-the-minute progress.

Microsoft Office integration

As standard, Proclaim uses core Microsoft technology. Outlook is the email conduit integrated (as standard) into Proclaim. Incoming emails can be auto-filed into the case history when the case reference is in the subject line. Emails can also be dragged and dropped into the history; attachments can be saved using either method. A Proclaim ‘ribbon’ is also available for those who prefer to use Outlook heavily. Additionally, Proclaim’s personal diary function manages any diary appointments, details of which can be passed through to Outlook for viewing. Word is used for all document creation and caters for a variety of formats, as well as Excel which can be used to export data for advanced manipulation.

Configurable interface

Almost every element of our In-house Legal Software can be tailored to suit you, to fit in 100% with your preferred way of working. Screens, data fields, documents, reports, workflow steps and queries (to name a few) can all be tailored or created from scratch to ensure that you and your staff feel comfortable and not forced to work around someone else’s preferences.

Document management

Proclaim’s document management system features a precedent library, document/form creation and a ‘grouping’ feature to enable organisation of departmental and global files. As part of this, the Economic Document Send (EDS) tool allows you to automatically specify which matter-related communications are dispatched from Proclaim (either by email, fax or hardcopy), whilst the Global Knowledge Search tool enables flexible, system-wide, keyword searching.

Centralised information

Proclaim can keep your legal team seamlessly connected. The system collates every piece of documentation and data ensuring all case information is centralised within a single desktop application. When progress updates are required, all members of the team are able to instantly access files and provide accurate and efficient updates.


Vital statistics and KPIs can be reported on at the click of a button, instantly highlighting areas for improvement and reducing the number of ‘redundant’ claims. Using Proclaim ensures your processes are efficient and streamlined enhancing your reputation with both clients and stakeholders.