Lasting Power of Attorney – Court of Protection

Proclaim provides a solution to the administrative hurdles inherent in Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) work. The many forms required are automatically completed enabling you to handle caseloads efficiently and profitably.


  • Registration of EPAs
  • Making and Registering LPAs
  • Applications for Deputyship Orders

Forms are automatically completed

Enter information once only, Proclaim will complete all appropriate forms:

  • LPA for Health and Welfare (including continuation sheets)
  • LPA for Property and Financial Affairs (including continuation sheets)
  • Application to register EPA or LPA
  • Notice of application to register EPA or LPA
  • COP1, 1A and/or 1B
  • COP2 where appropriate
  • COP14 and COP15
  • COP20A and COP20B
  • COP3 and COP4

Keep track of progress

The inbuilt progress screen allows you to see at a glance which parts of the LPA have been completed, including who has yet to sign the document.

Automatically chase applications

Proclaim can chase up the deputy for all outstanding areas of the application with one click of a button.

Categorise Attorneys

Proclaim allows you to sort Attorneys into any required criteria – Welfare or Property, primary or replacement, LPA or EPA.

Dynamic cases

If the type of application changes, Proclaim can automatically transfer an individual from the role of Attorney to the role of deputy.

Data Storage

Proclaim’s powerful database stores all your contacts for each claim and records all correspondence, be it phone calls, letters, faxes or e-mails. Incoming mail, faxes and even photographic evidence can be scanned into Proclaim and logged against the relevant contact to provide a complete onscreen case summary.

In-depth Reporting

A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each use, department or activity. Standard reports are provided with Proclaim e.g. cases opened between dates or allocated to a particular fee earner, cases with no activity since a certain date, time recording work in progress, etc. The reporting system enables any information held within the system to be configured into a report – to be exported into Microsoft Excel if required for further manipulation.

Online Case Tracking

Proclaim can automatically publish selected data to a secure website – enabling your practice to make information available to clients around the clock, without picking up the phone, or putting pen to paper.


A full diary facility is provided, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked. The diary system provides a powerful tool that can be set up to allow certain activities to be diarised in someone else’s diary e.g. secretary to chase for a reply to a fee earner’s letter, etc. All actions are logged to create an accurate audit trail.