Mediation Software

Proclaim Mediation Case Management Software has been designed to eliminate time-consuming document production and simplify the complicated rates and structures associated with this particular area of legal services. The Proclaim Mediation solution is entirely customisable to suit family, workplace, commercial and public dispute procedures.

See how Consilia Legal benefits from the software.

LAA Portal

Proclaim’s provision for Legal Aid work means standard case structure can be modified to suit your way of working, whilst ensuring full compliance with the LAA. Time is recorded automatically and can be seamlessly uploaded to the Legal Aid Agency portal, eliminating duplicate data entry, risk of human error and allowing your fee earners to submit bills without leaving the Proclaim desktop.

Streamlined workflow

Proclaim has been tailored to efficiently guide fee earners through all mediation case stages. This includes the facility to detail MIAM appointments, joint meetings, financial agreements, childcare agreements and case outcome.

Automated document production

Given the volume of documentation involved in Mediation work, document production is often a time-consuming task. Proclaim can eliminate this and enable you to operate as a virtually paperless office. Document production is fast and effortless – available via a single mouse click – leaving your fee earners to be productive elsewhere. Additionally, all incoming documentation is scanned into relevant cases forming a comprehensive client history.

Centralised diary

A full diary facility is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders to ensure important deadlines or events are not overlooked. The diary system provides a powerful tool that can also be set up to allow particular activities to be diarised in someone else’s diary e.g. for a secretary to send an appointment letter. All actions taken are logged to create an accurate audit trail, available for quick at-a-glance views.

Text messaging

Integrated text messaging is available at the click of a button, and can be incorporated into workflow to automatically send messages at key file stages, or to remind clients of upcoming meetings.