Probate Case Management Software

Proclaim Probate Case Management Software provides you with a total solution, delivering an array of time-saving benefits for your fee earners. Much Probate work is administrative, painstaking in character and necessitates heavy document production. Let Proclaim handle this, enhancing profitability without compromising standards of service.


Proclaim’s logical screens allow you to open new cases and enter matter details quickly and easily — personal representatives assets, beneficiaries (showing allocations against the estate), correspondents and relevant contacts, liabilities, etc. All screens are user definable, and an intuitive navigation system ensures quick access to any element of data within the entire system. A diary system ensures that no task is overlooked.

Accurate Billing

Detailed time recording as you progress through cases guarantees accurate billing.

Precedents and Documentation

Intelligent document production tools ensure that your letters are produced quickly and are contextually sensitive. Document Management enables you to scan incoming mail to be linked with the relevant file(s). Proclaim includes hundreds of precedents — all easily amendable — that can be added to whenever required.

Precedents include:

  • Letters to legatees (inform interim payments paying)
  • Inland Revenue payment of tax
  • Letters to public utilities
  • Statement of Truth (letters of administration, grant of probate)
  • Letters to life assurance companies
  • Application for Grant
  • Letters to asset holders (banks, etc)
  • Notice to local papers
  • Letters to lenders (credit card firms, etc)
  • Schedules of assets (liabilities, income, expenditure)
  • Letters to Local Authority, DVLA, etc


The system includes financial profiles for relevant parties, providing automatic calculations and recalculations, sensitive to data entered into the system.

Calculations include:

  • Asset listing with income posting, showing probate / accrued / realised / income
  • Full beneficiary details with legacy % revenue and totals after interim payments
  • Liabilities listing
  • Summary of chargeable estate and tax liability
  • IHT corrective accounts
  • Asset / liabilities / legacy / income and expenditure summary reports
  • Individual share allocations, calculated to 3 decimal places
  • Link to online HMRC tax calculator
  • Diaries to remind about tax payments


Proclaim completes the IHT 400 and IHT 205 forms (based upon data entered into the case), plus the relevant IHT Schedule forms.   The R185E is also available for completion.


A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity. Standard reports are provided with Proclaim, and the system enables data held to be exported into Microsoft Excel if required for advanced manipulation.

Estate Accounts

Estate Accounts are included, containing stages ‘at death’, ‘sale’, ‘income’, ‘expenditure’ and ‘legacies’.

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