Proclaim ABS PI - Alternative Business Structures

Proclaim ABS PI is designed specifically for firms operating in the Personal Injury sector that are considering becoming an Alternative Business Structure (ABS).

The future of personal injury may lie in becoming an ABS – rolling up claims management and personal injury litigation into one company structure.   There are some key reasons for firms merging their activities to produce a complete, ‘under one roof’, personal injury service, not least:

  • Legislative pressures in combating any proposed referral fee ban / restriction
  • Operational efficiencies in terms of creating a seamless, ‘joined up’ service within a one-stop-shop, rather than managing several external providers (the claim referrer, the personal injury lawyer, the medical agency, and so on)

Proclaim is the ONLY software solution with ready-made workflows for:

  • Claims management and FNOL
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Medical reporting

Proclaim ABS PI wraps up all of these work areas into one seamless Case Management Software solution. Steal a march on your competitors by implementing Proclaim ABS PI at the core of your operations.

James Maxey, Managing Partner at Express Solicitors, tells us how Proclaim Practice Management Software has enabled him to grow his practice.

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