Proclaim CRM - Client Relationship Management

Proclaim enables you to track and analyse Client Relationship Management activities from within your Case Management solution.

There is huge interest in Client Relationship Management (CRM) among law firms and commercial entities of all shapes and sizes.   The key thing to bear in mind is that ‘CRM’ should not mean a separate discipline or product. Management of prospects, clients, referrers and subsequent ongoing relationships should all be carried out within your main Case Management system.   After all, that is where you store and manage the bulk of your data – repeating this outside of the system represents a duplication of effort (and if you’ve invested in a 3rd party CRM solution, a possible waste of money).

Proclaim contains the tools you need to build CRM into your everyday processes and manage your ongoing relationships.

CRM should lie at the heart of what you do.   It should not be a mysterious, arm’s-length function.

Proclaim enables you to:

  • Store and manage all prospect, referrer and client data.   Any and every piece of information can be stored (from key contact data through to preferences such as favourite football teams!) to provide a full picture of the individual or organisation.
  • Integrate Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc pages to track client and prospect social media activity.
  • Record and analyse new business enquiries to track where interest comes from and what happens to it after initial contact is made.
  • Track all ongoing contact with individuals and organisations, providing an at-a-glance view of who has been managing relationships and how.
  • Flag individuals and organisations with attributes, to filter and group them appropriately for ongoing marketing activity.   Fine-tune your data and manage opt-outs to make sure you are talking to relevant people.
  • And much more!

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