Proclaim Features

Proclaim is your complete, integrated approach to managing files and cases through their full lifecycle.

Have it your way

Proclaim's screens, data fields and overall appearance are all easily configurable by you. The result? A system where you and your staff feel comfortable, not forced to work around someone else's preferences.

In the cloud

Put Proclaim wherever you want it. In the cloud? No problem. On your own infrastructure? That's fine too.

Out-of-the-box and ready-to-go

Get up and running in a short period of time without your own dedicated IT team, no need to build the system or incur consultancy costs. Perfect for new start-ups or growing firms.


Proclaim is in use by 25,000 professionals, ranging from sole trader start-ups through to household name FTSE companies.

A single, robust home for your data

Proclaim manages every case detail, storing all correspondents, documentation, actions taken… anything of relevance to the case.

Fast document production

Correspondence and documentation is the number 1 time sapper for most organisations. Proclaim produces documents with a single click, stripping out every bit of repetition and non-value-adding time.

Automate, automate, automate

Proclaim automates everything possible, meaning that your time is better spent on client relationships and business development. Not administration.

Manage volume

Proclaim is designed to enable you to get more done without increasing headcount. Many of our clients manage upwards of 50,000 cases annually, and do so with impeccable quality and profitability.

Manage your staff

Need to know how productive your staff are being? What's being done and why? Proclaim keeps you in the picture.

Flexible reporting

Report on, and compare, any range of elements within the whole system. Reports can even be set up to run automatically and distribute themselves at set times to set contacts.

Communication options

Email? SMS? Letter? Fax? Live online portal? No problem.

Integrate with partners

Proclaim provides unrivalled flexibility in terms of work referrer / partner integration. Share data and reports seamlessly with no manual intervention required until you think it's needed.