Market-Leading Process Management Software

Thousands of users in a huge variety of businesses throughout the UK rely on Proclaim Process Management Software. Geared to streamline business processes by automating time-consuming administrative tasks, Proclaim is proven to cut costs and increase profitability.

Powerful Data Storage

Proclaim’s powerful database stores all your contact information – clients, business partners, competitors, etc. and records all correspondence, be it phone calls, letters, faxes or e-mails. Incoming mail can be scanned into Proclaim and logged against the relevant contact to provide a complete on-screen summary.

Process Management

Proclaim’s in-built ‘workflow’ ensures that standard processes are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your firm’s standards. Workflows contain step-by-step guides which enable even non-experienced staff to carry out complex tasks – the guides can be fully tailored to meet your firm’s exact requirements and can incorporate document production, automatic diarising of future actions, setting of follow-up tasks, etc.

Automated Document Production

Fast and effortless document production means that you can generate relevant paperwork (e.g. contracts, standard letters, etc) automatically at the touch of a button, saving you time to be productive elsewhere. Intelligent documents are contextually sensitive – letters look personalised, not mass-produced.

Web-enable your Data

Proclaim can automatically publish selected data to a secure section of your website – enabling you to make information available to clients and business partners around the clock, without picking up the phone, or putting pen to paper.


All screens and data entry pages are adjustable to suit your way of working. Any information fields can be made mandatory for completion.

In-depth Reporting

A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity. The reporting system enables any information held within Proclaim to be configured into a report – to be exported into Microsoft Excel if required for advanced manipulation.

Diary & Task Lists

A full diary facility is linked with all activities, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked. The diary system provides a powerful tool that can be set up to allow actions to be carried out automatically, e.g. send a chase-up fax for a reply to an initial letter, etc. All actions are logged to create an accurate audit trail.

Business Development

Proclaim is designed to link easily with outside parties – e.g. referral bodies, business partners, etc – to enable you to take full advantage of new business opportunities and improve existing relationships.

Text Messaging

SMS (text) messaging is available at the click of a button, direct to your contacts’ mobile phones to keep them up to date with developments (e.g. “contracts received”, “sales target reached”, etc.)